“Surrender allows numerous musics to cross-fertilise while words and wordless vocalising transmit sensitivity and intelligence.” The Wire

Contemporary songs of Sadness Madness & Gladness

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With an upbringing drenched in Welsh choral singing Sianed left Wales and travelled the world researching vocal techniques.

From Egypt to Madagascar, East Africa to Kyrgistan, from Kazakstan to Madagascar.

After 20 years Sianed has returned to Wales to her roots

Her songs weave an intoxicating mix of influences.

Strident vocal harmonies / Interweaving Melodies / Furious Violins & Flutes / Distorted Electric Guitar / Funked up Bass / Jungle Grooves

Line up:

  • Sianed Jones – Voice, Violin, Harmonium, Bass Viol., Drum Samples, Piano
  • Sian Croose – Voice
  • Sheena Vallely – Flute & Tin Whistle
  • John Preston – Acoustic & Electric Bass
  • Mark Fawcett – Acoustic & Electric Guitar
  • Peter Dale – Drum Samples

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