Tinc Y Tannau

Tinc y Tannau is a new creation ! A duet with a difference! A luscious mix of Beauty and Mischief

Sianed Jones and Ailsa Mair Hughes sing and play Seven String Bass Viola da Gamba at the same time! Together they conjure up rich, four part harmonies and rhythms that are intoxicating on these ancient resonant instruments, that can be bowed or strummed like a guitar. They perform playful improvisations, original songs, 16th century viol and voice pieces and unusual settings of Welsh Poetry. The ancient influencing the now whilst joyfully careering into the future.

Our Next gigs coming up very soon are:-

20th June – TINC Y TANNAU invited musicians at storytelling night at Milgi’s Cardiff

22nd June – TINC Y TANNAU Cerddoriaeth / Music@Medina Bwyd / Food 6 pm
Cerddoriaeth / Music 7 pm 10 Market Street Aberystwyth SY23 1DL

Hope to see you there !

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