What excites Sianed is collaborating with other art forms, be it creating sound for theatre, interacting with story telling, composing for choreography or video. Sianed is inspired by the challenge of creating site specific work for landscapes and architecture. But most of all working with language in Welsh and English and abstract language. The way that words sound and how they can be transformed into melody and rhythm. How music draws out the meaning and the emotion of words. How that combination can conjure up the whole gamut of human existence regardless of whether the words are intelligible or not to the audience. Language and song is the driving force of Sianed’s work

She has worked as a composer / performer / collaborator with a vast array of artists from different disciplines and cultures ranging from Choreographers: Tina Razafi – Writers; Cris Cheek Film Makers: Mike Figgis, Warner Bros Theatre Practitioners: Welfare State International, IOU, Sadista Sisters, The Royal Shakespeare Company Story Teller: Ben Haggarty and site specific theatre makers: Brith Gof. Musicians Sianed has shared stages and collaborated with include the likes of veteran improvisers: Max Eastley, Clive Bell, Eric Truffaz, Jan Bang, Arve Henrikson, In the jazz world, Andy Sheppard, Barbara Thomson, in the site specific sound installation world, turntable artist Philip Jeck, and instrument maker Will Menter to name but a few.

A fiddling, singing composer with an upbringing steeped in the choral and poetic traditions of Wales. Her research into vocal techniques has taken her across continents from Africa to Mongolia to Brazil. Whilst her composition and performance bears the influences and musical curiosity of her travels, the heart of her music is uniquely her own.

She found herself high up in the mountains of Madagascar listening to women sing their traditional songs on a the bus crawling at a snails pace over deep potholes gouged by the tropical rain,

getting lost in the Gobi desert in the dead of night swigging Mongolian spirits to keep warm and teaching Rod Stewart’s ’I am Sailing’ to one of Mongolia’s top Xhoomii singers,

being taught Ouhm Khalsoum’s melodies by a fan on a Felucca drifting up the Nile in Egypt,

listening to an Epic singer drawing down the spirit of the Manas high up in the mountains that lie between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Getting hot and energised with Nos do Morro theatre company in their Capoeira training session in Rio