After Hours at the Polestar Club

The universe began-.

Looping in on the auroral current, a sung story to draw us closer”¦

The universe is sung, drawn and spoken into being at the Polestar Club”¦

This cabaret performance was inspired by a research trip to the Swedish and Finnish Arctic and visits to Abisko Sky Station, The Swedish Institute for Space Physics and the University of Lapland.
The story that unfolds at the Polestar Club begins before the universe came into being. Creation is helped on its way by storyteller Christine Watkins, musician Sianed Jones and visual artist Maria Hayes, with strange tales of northern journeys, the aurora borealis and the mesmeric birth of earth’s magnetosphere.

After Hours at the Polestar Club was produced in collaboration with the Centre for Performance Research We are grateful to the Science and Technology Funding Council for funding this project and to Wales Arts International for facilitating Maria and Christine’s initial Arctic research journey.

Further information on the science behind this project may be found on the following sites:

European Space Agency