A Family Affair !

A Family Affair ! Oriel Lockdown at Aberystwyth Arts has now finished.

An extraordinary exhibition that covered the entire Arts centre, all the galleries, the bar the caffe, the corridors and the spaces in-between. I was so happy to be part of this project  that was democratic and political and taking place during the time of a global pandemic.

There have been two films made about the exhibition if you did not manage to go there in person. You can catch them here.

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What excites Sianed is collaborating with other art forms, be it creating sound for theatre, interacting with story telling, composing for choreography or video. Sianed is inspired by the challenge of creating site specific work for landscapes and architecture. But most of all working with language in Welsh and English and abstract language. The way that words sound and how they can be transformed into melody and rhythm. How music draws out the meaning and the emotion of words. How that combination can conjure up the whole gamut of human existence regardless of whether the words are intelligible or not to the audience. Language and song is the driving force of Sianed’s work

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