Midir and Etain

This CD is the music from the show with storyteller Ben Haggarty. It is an extraordinary tale of two deities whose cursed pursuit of love spans a thousand years “ surviving complex love triangles; impossible quests; multiple monstrous reincarnations, and the partitioning of the world into the land of the mortals and a dark Otherworld.

Available as a download from https://sianedjones.bandcamp.com/album/midir-and-etain

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The Canning Town Chronicle

‘The canning town chronicle’ by slant – cris cheek, philip jeck & sianed jones
featuring dominic murcott & john wilkinson

slant’s version of ‘the canning town chronicle…’ started out as a 20 minute crash set written by sianed jones, ann day and cris cheek for a benefit organised to buy the lmc a computer, march 1993, a longer take came just one week later at apples & snakes performance poetry venue. thanks go to peter hollinger for the invite to show at ‘music unlimited’ in wels and to bertl from the tanzhaus in vienna.read more…