An international touring artist working in cross art form projects collaborating with choreographers, writers, and performance artists in site specific performances. A fiddling, singing composer with an upbringing steeped in the choral and poetic traditions of Wales. Her research into vocal techniques has taken her across continents from Africa to Mongolia to Kazakstan to Brazil. Whilst her composition and performance bears the influences and musical curiosity of her travels, the heart of her music is uniquely her own.

B.A (Hon) Degree in Music, Dartington College of Arts 1980

M.Mus. Degree in Electro-acoustic Composition, University of East Anglia 1997

Formed Tinc y Tannau a duet with Ailsa Mair Hughes. Combining Two Voices and Two Bass Viola Da Gamba performing original songs, 16th Century musics, unusual setting of Ancient Welsh poetry and Free Improvisation. 2017 – 2020

Released a CD of Canu’r Adeilad / Singing the Building A sound score for spoken word, chorus, soloists, strings and percussion. Inspired by a composers’ residency at Yr Hen Goleg in Aberystwyth during 2014 with writer Christine Watkins, originally written as a promenade performance. (Arts Council Wales funded). 2017

Since 2001 Sianed has worked extensively for the Royal Shakespeare Company as actress, composer and musician, including the Olivier Award winning season of History plays directed by Michael Boyd. Her most recent employment was as composer was for First Encounter’s production of The Tempest The national tour began and ended in The Swan Theatre at Stratford upon Avon. 2017

Musician performer for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Cymbeline at Stratford-upon-Avon transferring to The Barbican autumn 2016

as composer and performer for her solo show at Gwyl y Llais / Festival of Voice in Cardiff. A retrospective of music and songs in Welsh and English. Instrumentation and arrangements include voice, violin, bass viola da gamba, harmonium, looping devices and backing tracks. 2016

Soprano soloist and vocal coach for Calling Tree an outdoor site specific dance performance by Simon Whitehead and Rosie Lee in Tottenham as part of LIFT Festival and at Bloomsbury London 2016 (Originally performed in Betws y Coed in 2014)

Creation of Lone Phonics a solo voice and violin improvised sound installation for Vocal Invention, a weekend of all things vocal during the Norwich and NorfolkFestival. 2016

Composer and performer for Cowgirl Parlour an outdoor site specific performance and installation written and performed by Christine Watkins. Funded by The Welcome Trust. 2015

Touring with Medieval band Joglaresa playing Fidel and singing. Directed by Belinda Sykes. The early music’s ‘bit of rough’ taking in Stockholm and Cork Early music festivals along the way. 2012 – 2017

Composer and performer for Midir and Etain the Love of One Thousand Years with story teller Ben Haggarty. “Ben Haggarty’s intensely physical performance is perfectly matched by Sianed Jones’s brooding soundscapes that occasionally burst into song’. ‘This is real storytelling’ The Guardian Hay Festival 2014

as soprano soloist for The Voice Project annual performances at Norwich Cathedral commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Past composers included Barbara Thomson, Orlando Gough, Andy Sheppard, Arve Hendrickson, Jan Bang, Nick Bartsch and Gwilym Simcock. Most recently as soloist in The Arms of Sleep at Brighton Festival 2001 – 2018

as composer and performer for TUG an outdoor dance performance on a moving canal boat with Dog Kennel Hill Project. Partners include Dance 4 The Place and Dance Umbrella. 2012 -14

as composer performer with Human Music an octet of vocal composers writing contemporary music for site specific sound installations. Commissioning partners include The Sage Gateshead, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the British Museum. 2006 – 2016

toured the UK with her solo show and newly released album Flickering into Existence
during 2012 and continued throughout 2013.

as composer and performer for Honeysuckle Direction performance of After Hours at the Polestar Club written and performed by Christine Watkins with visual artist Maria Hayes. 2013

composer, performer and teacher for Marginal Voices production of The Journey to Freedom a play written by Bola Agbadje based on the stories of the performers, formerly trafficked women from Nigeria into the UK. 2013

Sianed has worked extensively for the Royal Shakespeare Company as actress, composer and musician, including the Olivier Award winning season of History plays directed by Michael Boyd and the season that transferred to New York in 2011

composer / performer with story teller Ben Haggarty an intense steam punk interpretation of the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein The show toured Britain and Canada in 2010 including The Barbican in London with the Crick Crack Club.

as recipient of The Creative Wales Award and touring grant 2007 given by The Welsh Arts Council to create Taliesin a Video / Performance / Installation. A collaboration with video maker Henrietta Hale based on the Ancient Welsh 6th Century poems of Taliesin.

as composer and performer for Lliwio’r Gair The Colour of Saying a bi-lingual Welsh English installation / Exhibition of Mary Lloyd Jones’s visual work Lliwio’r Gair CD released on Sound and Language label 2000

as performer with Garam Masala directed by Samia Malik. A cross-cultural meltdown of Asian and European music and languages. “Passionate and easily understood across international frontiers” Asian Times. “Renditions in both English and Urdu capture in poignant writing the struggle faced by women” Daily Jang.

as composer / performer with Slant collaborating with turntable artist Philip Jeck and performance poet cris cheek. Toured Europe and the UK including the ICALondon. 1988 ”“ 1997 Debut Hive album 1989 on These label ‘What impresses is their sensitivity to sound, where electronics blend incredibly with acoustic, layered into sensitive, subtle and strange songs, flowing or gently frantic with a wonderful lyric sense and delivery. My pick of the issue’ Fact Sheet Five. ‘They transform everything they touch’ Mixing It BBC Radio 3 ‘The Beautiful Clove Street, a tropical east end fantasy with cicadas and Gamelan’ The Wire

as composer / performer for solo for voice violin and electronics The Bait opening the 3rd Annual LMC Festival of Experimental Music 1992 Broadcast live on Mixing It Radio 3 and performed at St Johns Smith Square London ’97
‘In their very different ways Sianed Jones’s The Bait and Jenni Roditi’s Spirit Child both had the energy, the urgency and the directness of expression that so much well-intentioned new music lacks!’
‘ The sour wit and the strength of Jones’s performance are unique.’
‘Sianed Jones brought all her hard-edged passion and skill to bear on the vocal part’ The Independent 97