GALW album by Tinc y Tannau with two voices and two bass viola da gamba with Ailsa Mair Hughes released in 2018

The Merry Wives of Windsor album of music from the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production (2018) violin and bass viola da gamba

Canu’r Adeilad / Singing the Building album released for download on band camp (2017)

Cymbeline an album of music from the the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2016 production. Vocals, Bass viola da gamba and death whistle.

Midir and Etain album released on Sound and Language Label (2014)

Flickering into Existence solo voice and violin album released on Sound & Language label (2012)

John Wolf and Friends (2011) a compilation of compositions for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company’s productions. Sianed as composer, vocalist and violinist.

Vocalist and Violinist for Dusthouse promotional videos for The Royal Shakespeare Company’s (2010 / 11) season

Neanderthal Vocalist / Improviser for composer Simon Thorne’s graphically scored Video / Performance of Neanderthal (2009)

Improvising vocalist for Charlie Barber’s new score for the 1923 film version of Wilde’s Salome out on Sound Affairs label SA 1008 2009

Twelfth Night Composed and performed music for The Royal Shakespeare’s production of Twelfth Night Sound & Language label (2005)

Song Sculptures Vocal soloist and violin improviser on a song cycle composed by Will Menter (2005)

‘Surrender’ Debut solo album Sound&Language label (2004)

contributed Violin and Bass Viol to ‘Short Stories’ by Reg Meuross Offspring Records (2004)

contributed Violin, Harmonium and Bass to ‘Jaago’ (Samia Malik) (2004)

‘Lliwio’r Gair’ Composed and performed music for a Visual Installation by Mary Lloyd Jones Sound&Language label (2002)

‘Female of the Species’ A version of ‘Calling the Changes’ is included in this compilation by Law and Auder records (1999)

Contributed to ‘The Colour of her Heart’ (Garam Masala) Sound&Language label (1998)

‘Songs from Navigation’ Composed and performed a collaboration with Cris Cheek. Reality Street publishers (includes ‘The Bait’) (1997)

Contributed to ‘Skin upon Skin’ Cris Cheek Sound&Language label (1996)

‘The Canning Town Chronicle’ slant Sound&Language label (1994)

‘slant’ Sound&Language label (1990)

Vocalist and instrumentalist on ‘Can Y Graig’ by Will Menter (1990)

‘Hive’ slant debut album These label (1989)

musician / composer / improviser ‘My hearts in Motion’ Kahondo Style Nato label (1985)

musician / composer / improviser ‘Green Tea and Crocodiles’ Kahondo Style Nato label (1987)