Flickering into Existence

“The superb level of performance makes it hard to distinguish whether she is a violinist
first or a vocalist. Together its as near to perfection as I have seen.” Solfest Festival
“ It was difficult to find words to describe the breathtaking performance.” Norwich and Norfolk Festival

Available as a download from  https://sianedjones.bandcamp.com/album/flickering-into-existence

”Sianed Jones performed an epic piece with her voice and violin with non word sounds of an incredible breadth and richness.” Klankurst Festival Germany

Stripped down to the bare bones of voice and violin. This is the singer songwriter accompanying herself not on guitar but on violin. After the myriad of instruments Sianed played on her ‘surrender’ Album ‘Flickering into Existence’ conjures up a whole orchestra between the two parts. This music calls for a whole new Genre Classification that Sianed calls


At times it is hard to distinguish which is the voice and which is the violin as they meld and
compliment each other seamlessly. There are danceable grooves over which her voice soars and others where her voice is the accompaniment to heart rendering violin melodies. She sings of love, of identity, of astronomical celestial beings, of avatars in the gaming world and finishes the album with an explosive setting of a poem by Osama Abu Kabir from ‘Poems from Guantanamo’. The influences of Sianed’s travels across the world (from Africa to Mongolia, from Brazil to Kyrgyzstan) can still be heard in her rhythms and melodies but have become uniquely her own.