Lliwio’r Gair


‘Lliwio’r Gair The Colour of Saying’ A composition that was performed at the opening to Mary Lloyd Jones’s Exhibition / Installation Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2000.

Sound&Language Label SLCD0700


Available as a download from https://sianedjones.bandcamp.com/album/lliwior-gair

Composed, recorded, performed produced by Sianed Jones (Voice, Violin, Bass Viola da Gamba, Electric Bass Harmonium, Samples)

Mastered by Les Chapell

An unusual teaming up of mother and daughter. Sianed composed a solo show inspired by the colours, textures, marks, energies, atmospheres and the Welsh, English and Abstract languages of Mary’s Banners. Mary’s installation was: –

“a sequence of suspended canvases linked to periods of time from prehistory to the present, tracing the beginnings of language, from prehistoric markings to the Welsh bardic tradition. It is a celebration of the great age of Welsh and of our bilingual culture at the beginning of the New Millennium. A theatrical expression in time, of marks, words, colour and space.”

Mary Lloyd Jones

The CD has settings of the Welsh and English poems written on the Banners interwoven with abstract sonic textures and instrumentals.

1+2 Taliesin (Taliesin)

3. Cylch Heledd (Anon)

4. Marwnad Llywelyn ap Gryffydd (Anon)
Anatiomaros (T.Gwynn Jones)
Barclodiad Y Gawres (Gwyn Williams)
Auditorium (Gillian Clark)

5. Ffiniau (Menna Elfyn)
6. Cofio (Waldo)
7. Dychwelyd T.H.Parry Williams)
8. Gwlad Y Bryniau (T.Gwynn Jones)