Midir and Etain

Midir and Etain ”“ The Love of One Thousand Years.

Ben Haggarty & Sianed Jones

Epic Storyteller, Ben Haggarty, and Musician, Sianed Jones, tell the extraordinary story of two gods whose passionate pursuit of love spans a thousand years, multiple and monstrous reincarnations and the transformation of the world by the arrival of Humankind. Unbridled and archaic fantasy based on 10th Century Irish texts found in a convent in Cheltenham.

With a soundscape of Voice / Violin / Harmonium / Electric bass / Indian Street Violin / Mexican Turtle Okarina / Singing Bowl / Chimes / Ben and Sianed create an extraordinary world of love and destruction, the world of Midir and Eadoine. It has been performed at various venues and festivals across the country, including
The Barbican and Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival.

“For all the epic’s ancient origins, Sianed Jones expertly set the mood with her own emotive style of Mongolian long-song, yearning back to older days and Celtic ways. With this musical backdrop, Ben Haggarty brought amazing energy to the tale, bringing the characters and their actions into vibrant life. Their tragedies, trials and triumphs were illustrated in movement, gesture and word and their emotions portrayed in an array of vocal sounds, stirring music and haunting songs. It even had a happy ending! “

Malvern Storytelling Club Review