Midir and Etain

This CD is the music from the show with storyteller Ben Haggarty. It is an extraordinary tale of two deities whose cursed pursuit of love spans a thousand years “ surviving complex love triangles; impossible quests; multiple monstrous reincarnations, and the partitioning of the world into the land of the mortals and a dark Otherworld.

Available as a download from https://sianedjones.bandcamp.com/album/midir-and-etain

10th century science fiction, meets Irish epic, meets fantasy, meets horror strip, meets passion play”

This unbridled fantasy is based on a startling work of 10th Century Irish literature salvaged from a Cheltenham convent, and when you hear it, you’ll wonder just what the nuns were doing with it”¦

‘This intensely physical performance, with its brooding soundscapes and song, casts a spell of archaic magic “ balancing the surreal, the joyous and the comedic with an atmosphere of epic power.
The is real storytelling’ THE GUARDIAN HAY FESTIVAL

‘I was spell-bound “ I don’t use the word lightly’ THE TIMES

Sianed multi tracked her vocals, strings and the unusual instruments she has gathered from her travels.
Tim Garside plays various framed drums, pots, bowls and tuned percussion on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

1.Beyond the Reach of Firelight
Harmonium and Crackling Flames

2.The Green Warrior
Voice, Violin, Various Percussion

3.Black Liquid
Bells, Gongs, Chimes, Turtle Ocarina

4.The Fly
Rajasthani Violin Ravanahatha, Various Percussion,
Bull Roarer, Breath Rhythm

5.‘Crystal Cage’
Voice, Violin, Fidel, Glockenspiel,

6.The Game of Chess
Kyrgyz Komus,(3 string lute), Various Percussion

7.The Kiss
Voice, Violin, Birdsong

8.The Dagda Mor
Various Percussion, Bass, Samples

9.Wondrous Land
Voice, Harmonium

All music composed and performed by Sianed Jones
Lyrics on track 2 and 5 by Ben Haggarty and Sianed Jones. Lyrics on track 9
taken from the original manuscript.