Radio Film Video

Director, composer and performer for a video installation Cân Elenydd in collaboration with artists Jake Whitaker, Mary Lloyd Jones, and Maria Hayes that will  happen at some time in the future! 2020

Solo vocalist for the sound track to Zhongkui a film to be released in China 2015 composed by Javier Navarette

Vocalist / Violinist / Improviser on Dust House ‘s promotional video trailers for
The Royal Shakespeare Company and Soho Theatre London 2010

Vocal Improvising soloist for ‘Salome’ film sound track by composer Charlie Barber
The score performed live by four percussionists toured Wales and England with the original film in 2009 including The Drill Hall and The South Bank London.

Recorded a half hour programme for BBC Radio Cymru A Welsh language programme Stiwdio, produced by Medwen Davies. It included excerpts of music from CD’s ‘surrender’ and ‘Twelfth Night’, various live performances, the song performed in the RSC’s production of Henry IV part 1, free improvisations with South Indian percussionist Divakar Subrananiam, interspersed with music that inspired Sianed on her travels (Mongolian Longsong, Kyrgis epic singers African vocalists) an interview about her life and work. 2008

Recorded the Welsh song of the RSC ‘s production of Henry IV part 1 in the Round House London with a 3-minute potted history of Sianed’s life for Welsh Channel 4 TV programme Wedi Saith. 2008

Improvised strings and voice for composer John Hardy creating textural soundscapes for Carrlands a web based project directed by Mike Pearson, an archeological soundpiece about Lincolnshire.2006

Violinist in composer John Hardy’s chamber orchestra Ensemble 8 recording the soundtrack to a Welsh film Cwcw. 2006

Member of the London Bulgarian Choir. Recorded the soundtrack to Warner Bros ‘Troy’ in Los Angeles 2003.

Tongues Undone collaboration with performance writer Cris Cheek and video maker Martin Sercombe performed at the World Wide Video Festival (‘98) in Amsterdam. Performed Maud on live vocals and triggered samples with video by Martin Sercombe at the World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam (‘99)

Miss Julie composed, arranged and performed music live on set for the Mike Figgis film, an adaptation of a Strindberg play ‘Miss Julie’ (‘99)

Composer for Singing the Horizon a collaboration with video maker Martin Sercombe funded by East Anglian Arts. Screened at the World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam 1996

Composer / Performer for The Bait Solo for voice violin and electronics Broadcast live on Mixing It Radio 3 from the 3rd Annual LMC Festival of Experimental Music 1992.