TALIESIN a 3 screen Video Installation Performance

In 2007 Composer Sianed Jones and Video Maker Henrietta Hale were given a Creative Wales Award by The Welsh Arts Council to produce Taliesin

Inspired by the epic singers of Kazakhstan Sianed returned to Wales determined to work with the 6th Century poems of Taliesin. Sianed sings the Welsh poetry, plays the Violin, Harp, Harmonium, Bass to a backing track of voices, strings, driving grooves and wild recordings. In a darkened space surrounded by 3 screens projecting drawings, prints, texts, and video footage gathered in Borth, Ynyslas, Hafod in West Wales and the waterfalls of Ystradfellte, experience the world of shape shifting, magic, a cauldron of inspiration and shamanic dreaming.

“Taliesin actually offers the perfect arc of a well structured song cycle, much depending upon Sianed’s skill as composer and vocalist. The voice is not pretty. Nor does it pretend to be. The voice is full of earth, grit and power. Its range is impressive, physically, emotionally, and dynamically”¦”¦. She is in turn musician, shaman, rock-chick, folk singer, harpist, storyteller and diva, performing with voice, violin, harp, bass guitar and harmonium. The music itself travels effortlessly through a seamless variance of genres” The overall effect here is one of dreamlike impressionism, the sung ancient Welsh being, I am told, quite indecipherable to modern Welsh ears. In the absence of a direct comprehensible narrative we are being told a story that appeals subliminally to our primal senses and emotions”. Harry Jepson Aberystwyth 2009