The Canning Town Chronicle

‘The canning town chronicle’ by slant – cris cheek, philip jeck & sianed jones
featuring dominic murcott & john wilkinson

slant’s version of ‘the canning town chronicle…’ started out as a 20 minute crash set written by sianed jones, ann day and cris cheek for a benefit organised to buy the lmc a computer, march 1993, a longer take came just one week later at apples & snakes performance poetry venue. thanks go to peter hollinger for the invite to show at ‘music unlimited’ in wels and to bertl from the tanzhaus in vienna.

the first full slant performance of ‘tctc…’ was at the prema ‘time being’ festival, october 1993. it featured martin coles, choreographer and performer, and involved a live floor action installation as an integral part of the show. this set was recorded in december 1993 and mixed early in 1994 at the steam rooms.

e mail me if you would like a physical copy

a book of ‘the canning town chronicle….’ by cris cheek is also published by sound & language

1. addanoise
2. melamine the bollocks this is the fishes fingers
3. truck
4. hard shoulders
5. boo hoo
6. the middle does not exist
7. down up down up
8. the slam the slam the slam the slime
9. sex
10. lorry
11. tracey orange and bobby shoreline
12. buddleia buddleia
13. clove st
14. dead end street
15. sloppy semolina

produced by slant
engineered by jon wilkinson at the steam rooms london
mixed by slant and jon wilkinson
mastered by jon wilkinson
copyright slant music
dog prints sheena vallely
overall design baskerville
sound & language label