Tinc y Tannau in France

A fabulous residency with amazing musicians and visual artists in the Ardeche.

Time to improvise, to perform, to learn some Welsh tunes, to busk in a market place, to improvise with crazy frogs and birds, to melt in the heat wave, to swim in the river, to pied piper the audience up the hill to woodlands, to accompany Welsh stories in French, to invent Tinc Hopscotch, to bring colours to life, to eat delicious food prepared by the wonderful Simona Margini. A million thank you’s to Roberta Petrini, Nicole Cervi and Cathy Piquemal for inviting us and hosting us so brilliantly. Tinc y Tannau had a very special and unforgettable time in Le Troillett. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Diolch o Galon.