Tinc Y Tannau

Go to www.tincytannau.co.uk for all kinds of writings and photos and tracks to listen to.

Here’s a compilation video of moments from our first year of existence
with a sound track of one of our improvisations recorded at Capel y Graig during our residency there.

Tinc y Tannau Moments from 2017 from Tinc y Tannau on Vimeo.

Tinc y Tannau A duet with a difference! A luscious mix of Beauty and Mischief

Sianed Jones and Ailsa Mair Hughes sing and play Seven String Bass Viola da Gamba at the same time! Together they conjure up rich, four part harmonies and rhythms that are intoxicating on these ancient resonant instruments, that can be bowed or strummed like a guitar. The ancient influencing the now whilst joyfully careering into the future.