Twelfth Night

Music from The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT 2005 season.

Directed by Michael Boyd

Composed by Sianed Jones and John Wolf

Sound Design by Andrea Cox

Available as a download from

Out on Sound&Language label SLCD0900 2005

Engineered recorded mixed produced Sianed Jones

CD design Sianed Jones Photographs Osian Tam

Sianed Jones Voice, Violin, Keyboards, Bass Viol, Harmonium Samples, Forbes Masson, Vocals & Piano

This CD was recorded towards the end of the season in Stratford upon Avon. My trusty laptop has travelled many miles to make this CD starting in my basement in Lowestoft, Suffolk, in Stratford upon Avon I recorded at The Other Place, The Ashcroft Room, The RST and Forbes’s Kitchen. moving onto Wales in Cefn Bryn Garage and landing up in Oberlin Court Basement Ohio USA.

I would like to thank:

Forbes Masson for snatching recording time at unlikely hours of the day and night in between a full performance schedule.

Julian Winn for playing the piano on Come Away Death

Andrea Cox for giving me her crafted soundscapes to play with.

All the guys in the RSC sound dept for making the initial recording of Come Away Death

John and Mary Lloyd Jones

Katherine Zeserson for being there

Cris Cheek for giving me studio space

Osian Tam for providing photographs

John Wolf for being an inspiration and guiding me through the many headed beast that is the RSC

Michael Boyd for letting me loose in the first place

Kate Andrews and Richard Sandland for putting up with my endless e-mails and phone calls

Barnaby Kay

All the RSC musicians who made this music come alive and to everyone in the company who has made this season a wonderful and memorable experience.

Sianed Jones.


1. Prelude
2. Opening
3. Viola’s Storm
4. Mourning
5. Sebastian’s storm
6. Oh Mistress Mine
7. Come Away Death 1
8. Come Away Death 2
9. Because of you 1
10. Because of you 2
11. Feste
12. Sebastian
13. I am gone sir
14. Olivia
15. Re-union
16. When that I was
17. Epilogue